Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Door County Weekend

Last weekend I took a trip to Door County. For the record, this is one of the only counties I know of that is referred to in common conversation. I mean, you never say you're heading over to Monroe County, or Hennepin County, for a pop-in. Am I right?

*of note: this is my first photoshop collage. It only took me about an hour to figure out. Expect a many more to come. In fact, there's already another one later in this post.

But anyway, the place is beautiful.
My entire family was there (Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister-in-Law). The official reason for the visit was a request by my mom for her Birthday, but the visit fell on my Birthday, so we got to celebrate together. You'll notice we both turned one this year.

We stopped at an "Art & Music Jam" at Gallery 42(www.GalleryFortyTwo.com). Jake played music while Tim painted. The creative energy during that stuff is insane.

Friday, July 24, 2009

All that jazz...

Last Friday The Adam Meckler Quintet played at the Dakota. Now, I won't lie, I'm not one for songs without words. In fact, I tend to make up stories in my head if there are no words with the songs. But Adam composed these songs in a way that they told a story and I didn't have to make up a thing. That was pretty awesome.

The Dakota is one of the coolest jazz venues I've been to. The minute you walk in, you feel like you need a dirty martini and a cigar. I also always feel like the mob might take me out any minute. So far, I've escaped bullet-free, though. I'd highly recommend seeing this group next time they play there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unicorns Need Love Too

As promised, sometimes this thing is just going to be an outlet for all random thoughts in my head. Here goes...

So, last week I went to the horse races, and I got to thinking about how I never went through that classic horse-loving stage like most girls did. Same goes for ponies—no interest—except my little ponies, which were cool because they had hot pink hair. They were different.

Which brings me to unicorns. My theory on unicorns is that they were out having fun while the serious, boring horses filed on board Noah’s Ark. See, the unicorns simply missed the boat. I’m guessing they made a run for it at the end, but I think Noah turned them away—

“Guys. Please. There’s only so much room on this boat. The floods are coming. And plus, I don’t want to enable a mis-named animal to make it to the future. I mean, seriously, why are you called unicorns? Shouldn’t it be uni-horns? It seems pretty straightforward to me.”

And so while it’s the fault of some scientist way back—or maybe even God (though I don’t like blaming him for stuff because he’s probably nice but maybe he’ll strike me down for this so why take the risk…you know?)—the unicorns got written out of history. The reality is that somewhere along the line someone messed up. I mean—one horn—uniHORN—makes sense to me, and I’m not even a scientist.

So anyway, Noah probably got all uppity and wouldn’t let them on even though I think if he picked a horned animal to leave behind he should have picked a rhino, because dear god those things are ugly (see above). Plus, even if said bad scientist did goof up the name, it’s not like they were going to make people re-write all those fantasy books and confuse princesses everywhere, right? So Noah really should have sucked it up and let them on. But that’s just me. I would have petitioned outside the ark if I had been there. Then again, I’m not THAT good of a swimmer.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tour de Wisconsin (Part II)

My Tour de Wisconsin* continued as I drove cross-state to Sparta for my cousin's wedding. Doug and Erika are great together--two of the nicest, most laid back people I've ever met. Their wedding was beautiful and the reception went off without a hitch...but with a whole lot of dancing (at least for me and some of the family). *tour de wisconsin has nothing to do with tour de france. in fact, instead of a month-long bike ride, this tour involved cheese curds, beer, and buffets.

Anyway, they were smiling all night (as they should be). And kissing. And dancing.

And WE were sure having a good time.

In fact, it appears my hair was drinking red bull earlier, because it definitely had wings. And Katie somehow danced to show tunes while the rest of us enjoyed "jump around".

Lauren "practiced" with my camera...I'd say she was an old pro.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour de Wisconsin (Part I)

Last week I spontaneously took a few days off and headed over to Door County. It was beautiful weather and besides dodging into a shop or winery here and there, I spent the entire time outside. A 48-hour-patio, if you will...and if you know me, you know I love patios.

We saw Harley riders everywhere. I thought it must be part of that big rally in "Sturge". Turns out Sturgeon Bay is not the same as Sturgis. Oops. I guess I'll just pretend they are sister cities or something, and this was a "practice" rally...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo Shoot

For the last year, I have become increasingly interested in photography. I read blogs, talk to people, whatever. So when I was asked to assist at a photo shoot, I jumped at the chance. My high school friends and I did a shoot like this, except in a basement without professionals...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, America

Every year I find myself amazed during fireworks. Not because of the stellar light show, the sparklers, or the ability of so many Minnesotans to attain illegal fireworks--no--I'm amazed by how EVERYONE somehow knows exactly when to "ooh" and "ahh". I mean, as far as I know, there is no code (red=ooh, fizzy=ahh), no pattern (ooh-ahh-ooh-ooh...?) and no real rules. However, anywhere I've ever watched the fireworks the crowd collectively "oohs" or "ahhs" in unison at each individual firework. I can only assume this particular instinct is something we are born with, thanks to evolution since the Revolution. Pay attention next year and you too will be amazed...

Anyway, one year ago today-ish I got my camera. I only remember, because I was SO excited to take pictures of the fireworks on the fourth, only to find out I had absolutely NO idea how to make it...well...good (or even visible).

This year, I fared a little better. 

We spent the evening celebrating with tacos, macaroni salad and beer. It was quite festive. Look at the display of Red, White and Blue...

And so much good grub (thanks to Beth for throwing a wonderful celebration).
I asked Kristen, Jake and Sam to display their patriotism. And later the guys busted out cigars to celebrate the birth of America, just like proud fathers (though as far as I can tell, they played no part in the birthing of this nation... "yep, it's about 4500 km long").  

here we go...

What you need to know is that I've been trying to name my blog now for months--no lie. You've missed (thankfully) hundreds of photos and random thoughts because I've been unwilling to commit to a name.
You're probably thinking--months of brain-searching and this is all you got? Is this the one? The name of a lifetime?

No. It's not. But I realized as I was grilling out on my friend's rooftop, taking in this spectacular view (see above), that it didn't need a perfect name. It just needs to exist.

So, from here on out I promise to never think about anything this hard again. This blog is just for fun. It's brain farts, overshares and curiousities. If it's in my head, it just might make it this far (and I sincerely apologize for that).

No more thinking. No more editing. Just thoughts, images and randomness.


More pics from the night: