Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tryg turns one!

Erik & Mindy wanted to capture some photos of Tryg just after his first birthday. What a cutie...

Tryg 1yo-1246

Tryg 1yo-1241-2

Tryg 1yo-1422

Tryg 1yo-1383

Tryg 1yo-1137

He looks really happy here, but it's not because Dad made a funny face (which was working like a charm the entire shoot). Nope. He's actually holding a rock in his hand that he's about to eat. Yum.

Tryg 1yo-1574

He was very excited about pulling his wagon. I think Erik & Mindy should start making him pull them around instead of the other way around.

Tryg 1yo-1260

I love this funny face we caught:

Tryg 1yo-1191

And he was all smiles with Mom & Dad.

Tryg 1yo-1462

Tryg 1yo-1679

Tryg 1yo-1320

Tryg 1yo-1642

Tryg 1yo-1586