Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Camp Minchi '09

It's true. I go to summer camp every year. It involves s'mores, beer and gossip.

It's essentially girl scout camp on steroids.

See, my college friends are split between Chicago and Minneapolis. Mapquest helped us bridge this impossible distance by identifying the exact halfway point between the two cities--the tiny town of Lyndon Station, WI. Luckily, this midway is near the disneyworld of the midwest--where state parks and water parks abound--Wisconsin Dells.

Our annual camping trip included hail, 45 degree nights, and an unbelievable amount of s'mores. Seriously.

We posed for photos,

and looked longingly at nature,

and hiked... an abandoned cabin (scary).

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  1. You forgot to mention that one of your friends is in Nashville. Those s'mores KV was devouring looked absolutely delicious!