Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ann & Jim

Ann & Jim* got engaged in March, but I don't think an engagement is official until there are photos to prove it. So, congrats, guys. You're officially official. Anyway, they trusted me with this critical photo-taking task--the first engagement shots I've done.
*I tried to give them a celeb name, but had no luck. It just doesn't work with one syllable names. "Jin"? "Aim"?

We took some classic close-ups.

I was inspired by Karissa's photography work on this photo. I thought they gave a nice display of attitude.

This is a couple that is very into each other...

And they couldn't stop laughing. It started when I asked them to do this awkward pose, which absolutely did not work out...

...and kept up until they were done frolicking in the fountain. (They were great sports and jumped in the fountain despite its freezing water.)

Jim's dog, Jax, made an appearance in some shots. As you can imagine, he had little interest in sitting still or saying cheese...

I wish them many more smiles, kisses and laughs in their future.


  1. Great photos Tess!! If Erik and I get engaged again, we're giving you a call! :)

  2. Please do! I'd love to take "2nd time around" shots. :)