Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Assorted shots. This won't hurt a bit.

I've found that hanging out with musicians never gets old. Someone is bound to start singing, which in turn inspires someone to grab the nearest instrument (somehow, they don't seem to care what it is) and suddenly you have a jam session breaking out before your eyes. As a non-musician, it seems like magic to me. Anyway, I got this interesting shot of one of the guitars in action.

Naturally, I pretended I was in a bar (no cover!) and took it upon myself to "buy" the "band" a "shot". (ok, I just got a bit slap-happy with those quotes. Makes me want to mis-use air quotes soon.)

On a totally different note, the other day I met this puppy (below).

The thing about puppies is that I've never seen an ugly one. In fact, I'm quite sure that mother nature was forced to make puppies this cute just so that people would put up with their terrors and let them become full-grown dogs.

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