Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Katie + Chris

My cousin, Katie, brought her fiance home for Thanksgiving (she lives WAY too far away--in Houston--right now). He got to meet the family in a nice, quiet dinner of 27 crowded around Grandma's table. The poor boy. But, Chris not only survived, he seemed to enjoy himself and impress the crowd to boot. I know he impressed me. I got to take the Texan couple out into the 15 degree weather for some photos and test this boy's tolerance for Wisconsin winters. It's possible that Chris's smile was simply frozen on his face, but he toughed it out while Katie acted like it was nothing (though we later found out she had added layers of long underwear and undershirts--unbeknownst to Chris). Anyway, check out this happy couple:






Mostly, I noticed that they like to laugh together (a lot), which made it not only enjoyable for me, but seemed a clear sign that they are right where they should be. Here's to laughter for years to come.


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