Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I ask you to prom?

It's been more than a month since I went to prom, but apparently the minute the crimp washed away I lost my motivation to post photos from it. Alas, they're finally up. We had more than a bit of fun. Some (us) would call it an 80's prom. Others (most of the attendees of said prom) thought otherwise. Oh well. Their loss.

I had a hot date. I asked him all Sadie-Hawkins-like. He said yes.

And even danced with me! (swoon)

The other girls must not have used the line I ever so smoothly used to get Jake to go (and dress up and do that to his hair), because he was the only guy at our table. We definitely out-sleeved and out-scrunchied the other tables, though.

Katie posed with Jake, and lets just say that if there was any high school drama to be had, it's definitely because she stole away with my man and took better pics with him than I did. Total attitude. (WHAT-EVA)

It took awhile to perfect the 80's hair. I don't know how those girls did it everyday!

But it was worth it. We were definitely the hottest table at the prom. And we danced...

Boy did we dance...

It was a throwback prom for charity (which is about a million times more fun than running a 5k for charity...just sayin'...). I will definitely be attending this again next year. Who's comin' with me?